Curtis Group

CURTIS companies exist on the Polish market for almost 40 years, now. Our corporations have undergone multiple business transformations over this period of time, starting with production of cartoons for the „Hanna-Barbera” studios, manufacturing TV sets at the „Curtis” factory in Mława, aircraft chartering business at Whitae Eagle Aviation S.A., building a housing estate in Piaseczno. We were the organizers of one of the most popular Air Shows at „Góraszka”, and were the first to build a Class “A” „Curtis Plaza” office compound in the Mokotów District of Warsaw.

Today CURTIS is a private Polish corporation owned by the Katarzyna and Zbigniew Niemczycki family.  Our business includes manufacturing and services. We focus primarily on high quality solutions and operations. We continue to develop and adapt to new challenges.

 The CURTIS GROUP consists of companies with different business profiles: contract manufacturing of various single-piece gel encapsulated products (Curtis Health Caps S.A.); plastics processing and real properties (Curtis Development Sp. z o.o.); hotel services (Bryza Sp. z o.o.); aviation services (General Aviation Services Sp.  z o.o.).

2011 marked the market debut of „Voda Nature” Sp. z o.o., created by Michał Niemczycki, specializing in manufacturing and distribution of premium segment soft drinks. The Company is 50% owned by Bewa Sp. z o.o.

Companies presented on the web pages retain their individual legal, financial and specific business features within the CURTIS GROUP, whereas  the overriding principles of honesty in business and strategic management constitute the common traits of the entire Group.