Curtis Plaza

Curtis Plaza

Address: 18 Wołoska Street, Warsaw

Curtis Plaza is located in the business heart of Mokotów Służewiec, at the crossroads of the district’s main communication arteries – Wołoska and Domaniewska St. A very attractive micro-location makes the building accessible from different parts of the city – only 20 min to city centre and 15 minutes to Okęcie Airport. 
The building is recognisable given its excellent visibility, very good access to public transport (tram and bus stop by the building entrance on Wołoska St. ) as well as close proximity of Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center (5 min walking distance). 
After the widening of Wołoska St. by the city in recent years, Curtis Plaza is one of a few office buildings to take full advantage of the easing in traffic congestion.
Car access to a dedicated surface parking lot in between Curtis Plaza and Horizon Plaza from Domaniewska St. 

Building Description
Curtis Plaza consists of 14,744 m² of GLA across 7 floors (including ground floor and basement), of which 13,106 m² is office and retail / services space and 1,638 m² is storage. The building offers 224 parking spaces – 215 surface and 9 underground. 
It is characterized by one of Warsaw’s largest atria in the main entrance lobby, spanning ground floor to the roof with a skylight providing good access to natural light.  
Tenants have access to office, retail / services and storage space ranging from as low as 13 to 1,000 m² with an individual approach to space readaptation works – effective layouts in terms of both cellular split and open space. 
To increase the comfort for tenants, the building was designed with above market standard office space heights of 3.10m from floor to suspending ceiling. There is the possibility of reaching 3.5 – 4 m height in case of opening suspended ceilings as part of a more industrial fit-out design. 

Other above market standard features of Curtis Plaza that make the building timeless:
- As one of few lower rise office buildings in Poland, in order to provide additional fire safety for tenant, the building was originally equipped with sprinklers in each commercial unit on each floor as well as in the basement.
- Reinforced load capacity on each floor to 7.5 kN / m² (compared to office standard today at 5 kN / m²) enables tenants greater fit-out possibilities, especially those with more complex needs relating to server rooms.
- Building generator with back-up usage for all tenants not just limited to evacuation systems but all electrical systems as well (on perpetual standby). Dedicated UPSs implemented by owner- occupier Bank Pekao.

In case of questions regarding the current availability of office, retail / services or storage space please contact Bogusław Gałązka (M: 602-210-279)