Land sale

Curtis Development specialises in construction and rental of office space. The company has constructed the Curtis Plaza building by Wołoska Street in Warsaw, which was the first modern office building in the city. Curtis Plaza is an A-class office building distinguished by its excellent location and original architectural design providing the workers with perect working conditions.

Curtis Plaza is located in the centre of Mokotów district’s business area, at the crossroads of Domaniewska and Wołoska Streets, nearby Warsaw Chopin airport. The attractive whereabouts makes the building easily accessible from various city districts. The rental space surface varies from 13 to 600m2 with the option of individual arrangement. In order to increase the office workers‘ comfort, the interiors‘ height sums up to the unusual 3.1m. In 1992, the Curtis Plaza building has received the prize for Best Construction of the Year.

Curtis Development has also participated in the construction of the Finance and Banking Centre by Puławska Street in Warsaw. Moreover, the company was responsible for the thorough renovation of Karnicki Palace in Warsaw.

Apart from the works mentioned above, Curtis Development has erected the Horizon Plaza building by Domaniewska Street in Warsaw, which received the Construction of the Year prize in 2009 awarded by Polish Engineers and Construction Technicians Association.