The Settlement by the Lake
 in Mikołajki


Land plot size – 43.727,00 m² directly along shoreline of Mikołajskie Lake.

The investment site consists of a valid building permit nr 273/2012/Mki from 10.09.2012 for the development of min. 15 standalone single family houses, underground parking for boats, two outbuildings with office space, retail / service building with storage space, shoreline pier and 5 water piers (50 m. in length each). Residential buildings have been designed to include 3 floors (including basement) in two types: type A with ca. 299,90 m² of useable space (PUM) and type B with ca. 298,00 m² of useable space (PUM).

Construction works have begun via entry in the construction log and preparation works that include cleaning the lake shore of reeds, demolition of the old wooden pier, geodetic guidelines, shoreline conditions.

The investment site has access to all necessary utilities and the required permits and agreements that include permission to discharge the rainwater drainage system into the lake, consent to build a strengthened quay 185 m in length along the shoreline as well as 5 floating piers.

The land plot is located in very close proximity of the city centre of popular tourist town of Mikołajki, which can be accessed by foot via a paved promenade (10 minutes walking distance).

In case of questions please contact Dariusz Kostrzewa (M: 608 444 242).